Ram Air Turbine

This is the mock up for the Dowty Rotol Ram Air Turbine (RAT) for the Tornado F3 Air Defence Variant (ADV).

It was a 4 bladed, 12,000 rpm constant speed (by variable blade pitch) turbine driving a Vickers, 4,000 psig, constant HP, hydraulic pump.

The RAT auto deployed in flight and supplied emergency hydraulic power to control the aircraft in the event of a double engine flame out, considered possible, in one particular operating domain.

The RAT provided emergency flying control power while the aircraft partially descended and re-lit the engines.

Once relit and normal hydraulic restored, the RAT was auto retracted and the flight continued.

Ram Air Turbine for Tornado ADV
Original photo in the Dowty archive at the Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

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  • Hi Bob,
    Ah, the first RAT I worked on. From memory, part number 680409002, the 001 having the disc springs. As well as the red colour the other dead give away that it’s a mock up is there is no carbon seal leak.
    (How many helium light bands? Think it was 2 or 3.)
    Ex minion

    By Dave Goodwin (25/02/2019)

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