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Boulton Paul - Fuselage Assembly Line
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Boulton Paul - Fuselage Assembly Line
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Boulton Paul Works
Boulton Paul - Sports and Welfare Society membership badge (SWS)
BPA Enamel Pin Badge with Number (2)
Les Whitehouse
Boulton Paul - Apprentice Badge
BPA Permit To Enter Works
Les Whitehouse

Boulton Paul Aircraft Ltd was a British aircraft manufacturer that was incorporated in 1934, although its origins in aircraft manufacturing began earlier in 1914, and lasted until 1961.

The company mainly built and modified aircraft under contract to other manufacturers, but had a few notable designs of its own, such as the Defiant fighter and the Balliol trainer.

The company’s origins date back to an ironmonger’s shop founded in 1797 in Norwich. By the early 1900s, Boulton & Paul Ltd was a successful general manufacturing firm.

The aircraft building business was sold off from the main construction business in 1934 and then moved to Wolverhampton under its new name Boulton Paul Aircraft Ltd.

In 1961 Boulton Paul joined the Dowty Group to become solely an aircraft component manufacturer.

Today it is a part of the even larger TI group.

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  • Hello Les… many thanks for the correction, we will edit the caption accordingly….

    By John Redfern (19/03/2021)
  • Your war service badge is actually only the Sports and Welfare Society membership badge (SWS) from the 1950’s. The war service badges were larger and had the clock number engraved upon them to prevent misuse.

    The original company (Moore’s) as a shop did not exist until 1803. The 1916 B&P publication only said it was founded ‘about’ 1797. In fact that was the date Moore left Norfolk to learn the ironmongery trade in Birmingham, not returning until 1803.

    By Les Whitehouse (18/03/2021)

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