Sir George Dowty & Family

Photograph of Sir George Dowty and family at the main entrance to Arle Court House, Cheltenham

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Family photo at Arle Court House

Born at Pershore,  27th April 1901, Worcestershire, the son of William Dowty, a chemist in Pershore, and his wife, Laura Masters.

The Dowty Family c.1904

He was the elder of twin boys by half an hour and the seventh son in the family, he was ten years old his father died.

His first wife was Edith Dowty.

He purchased Arle Court and estate in 1935 and in 1949 he married Marguerite Anne Gowans

Family photo at Arle Court House
Original photo in the Dowty archive at the Gloucestershire Heritage Hub
The Dowty Family c.1904
By kind permission of the Dowty Family

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  • Unfortunately not

    By John Redfern (30/10/2019)
  • Which one is Edith in the photo?
    Do you know who the other people are?

    By Gary Ataman (30/10/2019)
  • Can you identify Edith in the photo?

    By Gary Ataman (30/10/2019)
  • Gary… Edith Carless (George Dowty’s first wife), was born 9 May 1900 in Halifax Yorkshire, they married at St James Cheltenham on 29 May 1927 but later divorced (date unknown), as far as I know, there were no children, Edith died Jan 1999 in Cheltenham … George Dowty married Marguerite Ann Gowans in 1949… hope this helps!

    By John Redfern (30/10/2019)
  • Can you add birth and death dates of Edith Dowty.
    Did they have any children together?
    When did they get married and divorce?

    By Gary Ataman (29/10/2019)

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