Dowty Pumps

Reprinted from the Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineer journal an article on Dowty Pumps – Sep 1968

Dowty Pump article - Sep 1968
Original photo in the Dowty archive at the Gloucestershire Heritage Hub

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  • Thank you Alcwyn Elliot for your comments on this post, it is much appreciated.

    By John Redfern (10/11/2019)
  • This pump was introduced earlier than 1968, It is featured in my hydraulics book first edition 1967.
    Designed to use emulsion 95/5 (5% oil) and was 8.5 Imp GPM and worked @ 2000 psi at a motor speed of 1500 rpm.
    Pumps today operate at 5000 psi with a separate pump for positive set at 6000 psi based on mine geology.

    By Alcwyn Elliott (09/11/2019)

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