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  • John, Firstly, thanks for the good work you are doing with these Dowty sites and groups. Of course you may use my comments where you wish. Although I can remember clearly the Aussie manager’s face when he was in the UK, (and would have got the birch if it were still allowed), when he handed these stickers around the Export office, I cannot remember his name. Which is probably fortunate in this case…….. The Dowty Wolleng sticker was generic advertising, the German Creek Sticker is specific to the installation of the first Longwall going into a Queensland mine. As such, it became valuable to collectors. Despite all my efforts in knocking coal off that face and getting the local miners the best production bonuses they ever had, I never got one.

    By Peter Higgins (22/09/2018)
  • Hi Peter… many thanks for sharing that information… would you have any objection if I used your comments in a special post about this? Your comments only would be used alongside the “Dowty Wolleng” photo… please let us know…. many thanks John Redfern

    By John Redfern (22/09/2018)
  • Hi, You may be interested to learn that the black “Dowty Wolleng” sticker caused some consternation when it was produced, as “Wolleng”, short for Wollongong Engineering, bent the Dowty Logo. The manager at the time received a serious ear bending from the highest levels as a result. It became clear that no one learned from this as the later “German Creek” sticker had the same. I was the Dowty Mining Engineer that got this coal face into production in 1986. At that time, particularly in Australia, stickers were more valuable than currency.

    By Peter Higgins (22/09/2018)

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