Unknown Sites & Locations

The following photographs are of unknown sites and locations, mainly within the UK but there are some foreign sites too, possibly taken by Building Surveyors for consideration of purchase or leasing across the Dowty business areas of interest.

If you know the Site or Location, we would appreciate you leaving a comment on this page and we can then update the photograph and give it a proper home!

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  • Thanks for updates Jeremy much appreciated, photos now updated

    By John Redfern (30/04/2020)
  • The top left photo is Palmer Chenard, Somersworth, New Hampshire probably in around 1990, before Dowty bought it. The 4 photos of Dowty Polymers Inc are the site in North Charleston, South Carolina. One has the new Dowty logo on it

    By Jeremy Sykes (29/04/2020)

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