Waverley Electronics Ltd - Today (2019)

Ultra Electronics CEMS is an electrical/electronic manufacturing company based out of Waverley House Hampshire Road Granby Estate, Weymouth, United Kingdom.

The Dowty Heritage Website received the following email from Michael Willgoss, current Director of Waverley Electronics Ltd and he shared his update of the business.


Our thanks to Michael for sharing this article.

Waverley Electronics is still in existence today and operational and trading much as the old days before being sold to Dowty Maritime.

Being one of the original members of the company in 1967 as then an  apprentice to Bill Ford (chief engineer)

I bought the company in 2010 to resurrect the original Iconic name and trade the company.

The company was owned and run in the sixties by the brothers Norman and Ham Brown, located at Waverley Road Weymouth, the company  was sold to Dowty Maritime in 1982, before being sold to Ultra Electronics.

Founder six members of the company were:

  • Norman and Ham Brown directors

  • Bill Ford chief engineer

  • Alan Lake

  • Don Peach

  • Bill Stote

  • Michael Willgoss (apprentice )

  • Two other members of the team I can’t remember names

Waverley Electronics Ltd lives on, we may have lost Norman and Ham Brown and Bill Ford, but Alan, Don, Bill and myself are still remembering the old days and what a great company it was to be associated with.

The company is trading much the same as the old days being involved in maritime sonar, repairs and development.

Please follow LinkedIn – Waverley Electronics Ltd

Kind regards

Michael Willgoss


Waverley Electronics Ltd

Systems House Weymouth

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  • Hello Mel…. thank you for your contacting us, hopefully someone will respond to you on seeing your comment on this website, alternatively, there is a Facebook Group called Dowty Group of Companies that if you join, someone will answer your call… here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/543362836124775/

    By John Redfern (20/11/2019)
  • Thank you.
    I am trying to find as much information and as many images regarding the history of Waverley Electronics right through the Ultra. I have some images of the first facility, Cambridge Road and Hampshire Road, however I could with talking to someone who was around throughout the years that may have old photographs of the site, the brown brothers etc. If there is anyone you could put me in touch with that could spare a few minutes, please ask them email me on the address I have provided. Many Thanks.

    By Mel Marsden (19/11/2019)
  • Thank you for your enquiry, unfortunately, we have not as yet found any photos in our archive (unless anyone can identify them in existing photos), if and when we do, we will of course post them on this website and notify you.

    By John Redfern (08/11/2019)
  • I would be interested to see a photograph of Norman and Hamilton Brown to add to a project I am working on. If this something you could help with, please get in touch.

    Thank you

    By Mel Marsden (07/11/2019)

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