Dowty Group Subsidiary Companies 1990-91

The following is a list of Dowty Subsidiary Companies, that were listed as 100% owned in 1990-91; unless otherwise stated


  • Dowty Aerospace Gloucester Ltd
  • Dowty Aerospace Aviation Services
  • Dowty Aerospace Wolverhampton
  • Dowty Aerospace Toronto (Canada)
  • Dowty Aerospace Montreal (Canada)
  • Dowty Aerospace Peterborough (Canada)
  • Dowty Aerospace Aviation Services (USA)
  • Dowty Aerospace Yakima (USA)
  • Dowty Aerospace Los Angeles (USA)
  • Dowty Aerospace Aviation Services (Singapore)
  • Dowty Aerospace Isle of Man
  • Dowty Rotol Ltd
  • Dowty Boulton Paul Ltd
  • Dowty Canada Ltd
  • Dowty Canada Electronics Ltd
  • Dowty Aerospace Corporation (USA)
  • Dowty Decoto Inc (USA)
  • Hydraulic Units Inc (USA)


  • Dowty Defence & Air Systems Ltd
  • Dowty & Smiths Industries Controls Ltd (51%)
  • Dowty Maritime Ltd
  • Dowty Electronic Components Ltd
  • Dowty Avionics (USA)


  • Dowty Woodville Polymers Ltd
  • Dowty Seals Ltd
  • Dowty O Rings International (Malta)
  • Dowty Polymac SpA (75%) (Italy)
  • Dowty SA France
  • Dowty Polymers Inc (USA)
  • Dowty Palmer Chenard Inc (USA)
  • Dowty Armourshield Ltd (60%)
  • Dowty Holybond Ltd (75%)
  • Dowty Telemold (Malta)
  • Sealing Parts Srl (56%)
  • Dowty Silcofab (Canada)
  • Dowty Silcofab Inc (USA)
  • Dowty Mexus International SA de CV (80%) (Mexico)


  • Dowty Group Services
  • Dowty International Holdings
  • Dowty (USA) Holdings Inc (USA)
  • Dowty Treasury Ltd
  • Dowty Canada Ltd (Canada)


  • Dowty Hydraulic Units Ltd
  • Dowty Industrial Corporation (USA)
  • Hydrostatic Transmissions Ltd


  • Dowty Mining Equipment Ltd
  • Dowty Meco Ltd
  • Dowty Hucknall Ltd
  • Dowty Mining Machinery Ltd
  • Dowty Mining Electronic Systems Ltd
  • Dowty Automation Systems (USA)
  • Dowty Corporation (USA)
  • Dowty Owens Inc (USA)
  • Dowty South Africa (Pty)
  • Dowty McCallum Pty Ltd (Australia)
  • Dowty Wolleng (Australia)
  • Dowty Technical Services Pty Ltd
  • Dowty Mining Equipment (GmbH)  (Austria)
  • Dowty Meco SA (Spain)


  • Dowty Systems Integration Ltd
  • Dowty CASE
  • Dowty Information Systems
  • Dowty Control Technologies (USA)
  • Dowty Communications Inc (USA)
  • Dowty Power Electronics Ltd
  • Dowty Power Electronics GmbH (Germany)
  • CASE Communications Systems Ltd (Australia & New Zealand)
  • Dowty Custom Electronics Inc (USA)
  • Dowty Network Systems A/S (75%) (Denmark)
  • Cognito Group Ltd (85%) (USA)

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