Dowty Group - People

Photographs of people from across the Dowty Group of Companies

Our thanks to all those who shared their photos

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  • Hello, thank you for your message. There are many photographs of women on our website, these can be found by visiting the various webpages i.e. Dowty Seals, Dowty Electrics, Dowty Group Service etc.hope this helps.

    By John Redfern (12/04/2024)
  • Hello, I am doing a piece on Women at Dowty. Any pictures of Women working at Dowty? All the above are men only. Like during the war when men were sent to the battle front, women working at Dowty Gloucester. Thanks very much

    By Sylvie Darrieumerlou (11/04/2024)
  • I have some pictures of Mike Spence, Group Director… should you like them sent through?… Mike Spence was my father.

    By Philippa France-Lynch (20/11/2023)

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