Arle Court - Site Photos

Aerial photographs of Arle Court House and gardens, also Dowty Hydraulic Units and Dowty Fuel Systems

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  • Hello David

    Firstly, many thanks for sharing your photos with the Dowty Heritage Website, I am sure that these will jog a few memories and who knows, some more photographs may appear from ex colleagues. Secondly, thank you for your sharing your memories from your days at Arle Court, like so many of us, it just shows how proud we all were to work for such a great company.

    John Redfern

    By John Redfern (30/11/2018)
  • The first photo above must have been taken post 1962 as I left that year and as I recall the car park at the top left hand corner had not been extended behind the test rig area.
    Not sure if it is of interest but the tiny hut right up in the left top corner standing alone is the IPN test house. Here the starter units used on Armstrong Siddeley Saphires were tested. I recall that the roof was not attached as certainly in the early days they had a nasty habit of exploding and blowing the roof off!
    The largest building in the test area right in the corner of the Dowty site was the original development department. I spent a very happy year there during my apprenticeship working for Ray Bull and Alan Burge. Respectively heads of the Bristol Siddeley and de Havilland Engine groups. It was this period that made me realise that I wanted to become a development engineer. I moved there after I completed my student apprenticeship. Wonderful days!

    By Dave Stick (30/11/2018)

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